If you are a movie enthusiast, then Torrent9 will definitely impress you. The UI of the website is visually impressive and content is organized into different sections like movies, TV shows, games, music, software, etc. The magnet button works here, while others ask you to create an account or redirect to an advertisement landing page. Without access to the original Kat torrents site code, staff members hit close to home with its replica of the original website. It has indexed large databases from many torrent sites like torrentz, torrentdb, etc. The torrent site for TV shows and movies garners over 50 million monthly page views.

Enable the UPnP port mapping and the NAT-PMP port mapping options in the Connection section. This will ensure that your downloads are not being held up by inspecting your downloaded data. Leaving the Add Windows Firewall Exception option on will also improve your download speed. Today, most people use cloud services to upload and share files. There’s nothing wrong with this, and there are numerous great free-of-charge cloud services.

Optimize Your uTorrent Experience: 16 Easy uTorrent settings (2022 Update)

However, when you streaming copyright-protected content or watching pirated content, it is still illegal and the actions are also vulnerable to threats like phishing. Just because you can’t download a torrent client app directly from the App Store doesn’t mean you have to jailbreak your iPad to download torrents. A jailbroken iOS device is open to a world of vulnerabilities, malware, and hackers. You’ll usually be able to see the seed and leech count for each file on the right side of your search results on the torrent website. This helps you pick the best file—more seeders means your downloads will be faster.

  • You need Apache and PHP to allow access to ruTorrent’s WebGUI from anywhere.
  • Secondly, lesser number of seeds lead to slow downloading speed, so try to download those files which have more seeds.
  • Avoid installing programs and games that you haven’t legally purchased.
  • You can also choose a location to which you want to download the file.Once you click Add, the file will start downloading .

With this programme, you can easily download large-sized files. In fact, the tool supports batch processing, which lets you download multiple files simultaneously. Compared to Zapya and Halite, uTorrent is more user-friendly.

Benefits of Useing a Utorrent Account

Another thing to take note is this public version of mRatio does not come with the latest client files. Some tracker sites allow the member to only use the latest version of selected BitTorrent client. Using an older build or an unapproved version would cause the account to be banned. You can however request for the previous build in the mRatio forum. Although it is easy to cheat the tracker and increase your upload ratio using mRatio, it can however be easily detected as well.


Check HereBanned LocationsUSA, North Europe, IndiaSolid Torrents has one the largest torrent library with count going over 35 million. It is another reliable torrent search engine to get good torrents with seeds. But it does one better with the search suggestions like Google so you can get the name right without knowing the full spelling. Every game torrent listing has a list of sources to download the game files. The first three options are for magnet link, torrent file, and a listing on a torrent site. YourBittorrrent is a relatively unknown name, but an answer to download torrents online.

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