The latest Nohrian military try eventually outdone by the Corrin and their siblings, and so are afterwards forced to make retreat

Cursing Corrin for abandoning the siblings which like them very, then he suggests a great grudge he enjoys nursed against her or him for a long time in order to have usurped the new like and you can notice of Xander and you may Camilla

In the event the Corrin decides to side which have Hoshido, Leo tend to aid their sisters into the a desperate quote to defeat new Hoshidans and push Corrin to go back to help you Nohr.

Leo 2nd seems at the conclusion of Chapter 9, adopting the conclusion regarding a battle one trips out ranging from Corrin’s army and you may Zola. Given that Zola attempts to flee off Corrin’s military, he could be stopped within his tracks of the an enthusiastic entanglement off woods summoned by Leo’s casting out-of Brynhildr. Despite Zola’s pleas, Leo attempts to execute him to be a pity to help you Nohr. Corrin fast intervenes, merely to feel met by the Leo’s hurtful outburst ones being a traitor and that they provides zero straight to handle his steps. The guy after transform their attention and simply leaves shortly after warning Corrin one he’s going to ultimately discipline her or him because of their act of treason.

Leo later looks ahead of Corrin’s army after Section thirteen in the Cheve, adopting the conclusion out-of a battle waged between the Chevois rebels and also the Nohrian edging shields. Upon going into the world, the guy symptoms Corrin as he captures eyes of them conversing with Camilla, convinced that he’s amid brainwashing the girl. No matter if Camilla tries to encourage Leo from Corrin’s righteousness, he adamantly won’t tune in to their, insisting that they are an excellent liar trying to trick her. Then shuts inside the to the Corrin, in order to getting intercepted of the a rebel Standard and subsequent coming of several Wyvern Cyclists added by the Vivid red. Surprised during the increase from the resistance’s strength and you may recognizing new Nohrian’s armed forces incapacity to battle right back on account of Camilla’s injuries, Leo circumstances your order so you can sanctuary, but alerts Corrin they are perhaps not finished with her or him yet ,.

Leo seems once again inside Part 18, where the guy impedes this new progress away from Corrin’s army as they decide to try to pass through the newest Woods of one’s Forlorn. Ahead of searching in advance of Corrin’s armed forces, he summons an excellent horde of Faceless so you can welcome him or her, even though he or she is in the middle of a stressful distress, the guy exists regarding the dark to the horseback. Then uses Brynhildr so you’re able to result in the episode regarding a small quake that creates the encircling gravestones so you’re able to crumble, whereupon he announces his seriously interested in creating the new Nohrian rules of performing traitors. Abreast of seeing you to definitely Corrin is actually unchanged from the landscapes, Leo remarks one to the exposure to Nohr was not reduce, afterwards using this type of because a beneficial crutch to help you validate the point that he’s got produced a bad possibilities in selecting Hoshido more than Nohr. Refusing to respond to Corrin’s disbelief in the his hatred of those, Leo timely initiates his assault.

Renouncing his familial fascination with Corrin and you may expressing his intent in order to kill them, Leo after that watches into the satisfaction since putrid oceans of swampy landscapes begin to take its toll on the armed forces

Even after their ideal perform, Leo are eventually outdone when you look at the battle. When advised to help you throw in the towel by Corrin, Leo lashes out at him or her, not wanting to help you endure the fresh humiliation off divesting Nohrian principles because of the bowing right down to Hoshido. He then leers from the its naivety, bluntly saying that Hoshido try impure and you may won’t think twice to slay them in the event the this positives her or him. Corrin alerts Leo you to Garon was angry which have fuel and must be averted, and Corrin Biracial dating sites things the knife at the him into the frustration, an operate that creates Leo to reply of the goading him or her with the destroying him. Whenever Corrin helps make zero move, Leo intensifies his goading, threatening so you’re able to attack her or him whenever they continue to do absolutely nothing. Corrin staunchly will not follow Leo, assuming he exclaims his disbelief at its hesitation, it reflect his belief and issues why he has got picked maybe not in order to assault him or her. This causes Leo to fall towards the silence, compelling Corrin to explain one on account of his form center and you may their familial thread, he’s got hence picked not to ever capture one action. Despite initially attempting to silent Corrin, Leo at some point acknowledges the scenario out of Corrin’s conditions ahead of apologizing so you can them for lying on the their hatred for them. Corrin following seizes abreast of the chance to urge him to participate its lead to, simply for your so you’re able to ily, inculding Garon. Azura measures send so far and you will entrusts a crystal baseball to your his palms, gently asking which he rethinks his decision once considering its deepness. Accepting this lady because a former little princess of Nohr, he requires if they bear people blood affairs, just for her in order to maintain a good cryptic position and you may once more need your to discover the responses he aims throughout the amazingly baseball. Leo thereafter alerts Corrin to the fact that Xander might quite strong, suggesting that they check for the latest Rainbow Sage inside Notre Sagesse to get the benefit necessary to fend against your. Then gives them a good warp tome to transport them individually so you’re able to Notre Sagesse prior to separating implies together with them.

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